i totally agree okay heheheheh. esp #2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 🙂

anyway…AIYA MY LIFE REALLY DAMN BORING HAHA.  nothing to say one.  If i say what i had been doing for this past few weeks, i think i myself type halfway sleep liao lor.

by the way i really dread going to school now i swear. and this is def not good, oh no 😦


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I’m the girl who tries to be nice to everyone then gets taken advantage of. I’m the girl who tries to look pretty and it’s never good enough. I’m the girl who acts like she’s happy then goes home and wishes to be gone. I’m the girl who takes harsh words act like they’re nothing then goes home and cries. I’m the girl who tries to get her point across and could never find the right words. I’m the girl who has more depth to her then everyone thinks. I’m the girl who hides from the harsh eyes. I’m the girl who wouldn’t care if you gave me a shitty gift as long as you thought of me. I’m the girl that prays that someone will finally understand. I’m the girl that gets happy over the little things. I’m the girl that people misinterpret.

this totally describes me. hahah.

life is really good now!!!! 🙂 really luv my freshies so much can. hope to stay in contact forever. back in school with my bbyz ❤ although sometimes i feel kinda … cuz different BAOW grp as them so sometimes some of their topics i will be ?___? …  i am still happy la HAHA.

tiredgirl93 lol really dk what title to put

i’m tired of losing friends

i’m tired of fighting

i’m tired of being lied to

i’m tired of drama

i’m tired of crying

i’m tired of never being happy

i’m tired of trying so hard, and have it be one sided

i’m tired of being bitter

i’m tired of being used.

i’m tired of not sleeping.

i’m tired of missing people

i’m tired of hiding my feelings.

i’m tired of missing you.

i’m tired of trying


i love this quote.

“I hate getting too close to people, because when I thought they would always be there for me, they eventually leave”

it’s been long

DAMN LONG since i last shopped. i need clothes. i dont have any clothes to wear already.

but i also need time 😦 DAMN IT.



& i miss you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you and alot of other yous. SIGH. why must we stop talking.

ooo!!! and i want to buy toms. HAHA. my first salary will be used to buy toms…. and clothes teeheehee

I LOVE THESE FLATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but can i have them in blue please? 🙂